Next-generation improvements for 'NBA 2K21' have been revealed by developer 2K Games

NBA 2K21, the upcoming next-generation version of the basketball simulator from 2K Games, has received a detailed update detailing the improvements that will be implemented

Posted July 7,2021 in Other.

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NBA 2K21, the upcoming next-generation version of the basketball simulator from 2K Games, has received a detailed update detailing the improvements that will be implemented.

The next-generation version of NBA 2K21 MT will feature technical and gameplay enhancements that take advantage of the improved hardware found in the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X and S consoles, among other platforms. Dribble movement, defense and off-ball manoeuvres, foot planting, and a new feature that heavily relies on the DualSense controllers on the PlayStation 5 are among the modifications.

According to NBA 2K gameplay director Mike Wang, the dribbling mechanics in the game have been "rebuilt from the ground up for next-gen." He claims that the difference between the current-gen and next-gen versions is "night and day. "In addition, he explained that while the concept of signature dribble styles had been retained, “everything else had been scrapped and re-architected."

With the ball in hand, players can more accurately predict movement and reflect their intentions as a result of the increased realism, responsiveness, and consistency brought about by the technology. According to Wang, "It's a complete package, and I don't think I can overstate how much it has elevated my enjoyment of the game."

Aspects of the game other than dribbling (such as on-ball defense and off-ball actions) have also been improved. In addition to improving the defender's grounded feel, the development team improved pathing, cuts, and stops.

Changes have also been made to motional stability and response, with a reduction in how twitchy characters are. Additionally, players will be able to take quick steps when making subtle adjustments to their defense by tapping the left stick.


A number of changes have been made to the foot planting mechanics in the game. In order to improve the foot planting technology, 2K21 MT Games has re-engineered it so that players can now "make procedural steps rather than sliding their feet when they need to make micro-adjustments."

Also revealed by Wang is that the PlayStation 5 version of the game will include a unique feature known as the Trigger Effect. Adaptive triggers and haptic feedback provided by the PS5 DualSense controller are utilized to improve the overall gaming experience. The adaptive triggers on the controller will convey information about the player's energy and exhaustion levels. In the event that a player becomes exhausted and attempts to sprint around the court, players will notice an increase in resistance on the triggers.

The difference between a grazing bump and a hard hit can be felt in the hands, which Wang described as "so dope"In addition, it is an excellent tool for understanding when you are forcing players to work too hard on the court, which can lower their energy and stamina levels and potentially cause wear-and-tear on their bodies, as our in-depth injury system can detect.

Besides the Impact Engine, Body Ups, and Off-Ball Contact, 2K Games and Wang also revealed a slew of other changes coming to NBA 2K21 in the next-generation console. You can read the rest of the post on the NBA 2K21 blog.

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