2021 New Space Jam x Nike LeBron 18 Low series shoes CV7562-005/DJ3760-115/CV7562-401/CV7562-103 new arrival!

2021 New Space Jam x Nike LeBron 18 Low series shoes CV7562-005/DJ3760-115/CV7562-401/CV7562-103 new arrival!

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New Jordans Release 2021 All models are designed by mandarin ducks! Nike "New Slam Dunk" series color matching is really clear! "Slam Dunk 2" starring LeBron James will be released this month. As the number one spokesperson, Nike has also made a lot of effort for the film, and various themed sneakers have been exposed. Recently, the four pairs of Lebron 18 Low inspired by Warner's animated characters will be launched soon. These characters are James’ teammates in the movie "Cartoon Team". It can be said that they are all assembled! In addition, the design of each pair is full of fun, full of details and quite interesting at the same time, so let's take a look at the editor!
Nike Lebron 18 Low “BugsBunny-MarvinTheMartian” CV7562-005
The first pair is of course the most classic Bugs Bunny and the popular Martian Marvin. The overall color scheme uses a "half-and-half" design, and half uses Bugs Bunny's classic gray powder color scheme, and is embellished with three-dimensional dark patterns. The other half is the black and green color of Marvin the Martian, and the star pattern is printed on the hot melt layer. The whole pair of shoes can show unique effects from different angles. The color combination of the two characters is also not contrary to the combination. sense.
Nike Lebron 18 Low “LolaBunny” DJ3760-115
The second pair continues the "half-and-half" design, but the color theme is changed to the protagonists LeBron James and Laura Rabbit, but there is little difference in color matching between the two, so the overall feeling is stronger, and the combination of lake blue and pink is also More refreshing. It is worth mentioning that in the trailer, it was Laura Rabbit and James who re-enacted the classic "Jianwei Connection". I wonder if the official put these two characters together intentionally?
Nike Lebron 18 Low “WileE-Roadrunner” CV7562-401
The third pair adopts the traditional mandarin duck design with independent color schemes. The left foot is the Wyre wolf theme, and the right foot is the BB bird theme. Animation elements are integrated into the shoe body Swoosh, tongue, heel, insole and other parts. Full of cute details, it is definitely a powerful wave of childhood memories for many old players!
Nike Lebron 18 Low “Sylvester-Tweety” CV7562-103
The fourth pair returns to a holistic design, combining the elements of the silly cat and Cui Di into one, but the two elements are designed separately on the inside of the tongue.

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