I like the super classic Air Jordan 11 sneakers!

I like the super classic Air Jordan 11 sneakers!

Posted May 5,2021 in Live Style.

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Sneakers with soul AJ 11 generation (super classic)
New Jordans Release 2021 , The 11th generation of Jordan was launched in November 1995. It was Jordan's boots for the 95-96 season. The 11th generation of Jordan is not only the best in the Jordan series, it has a profound impact on the entire Nike basketball shoes. (At the beginning of the second three consecutive championships, Jordan’s favorite pair of shoes was put on foot in the 95 playoffs ahead of schedule. Needless to say, the classic configuration is a full palm sole, which is different from AJ7 and AJ10, and the air cushion has been extended To the forefoot.) From a design perspective, the 11th generation of Jordan uses patent leather as the upper material, making it a symbol of high-end basketball shoes. At the same time, the full-palm built-in air cushion technology is used, and the full-palm carbon-plastic fiber supporting plate is used in the midsole, so that the entire pair of shoes can reach the extreme in the shock absorber index. .
New Jordan 11 UK , It is worth noting that the built-in air cushion technology may be too soft for inside players, but it is comfortable for players who play guards and small forwards. The comfortable foot feel and the fast-reacting field feel are not inferior to any pair of sneakers that use full-palm air cushion technology. The outsole of the shoes is made of crystal rubber. This transparent material is compressed with artificial rubber. It should be noted that this material is likely to oxidize and turn yellow due to long-term excessive light. But when the surface is clean, it has a strong grip. In addition, there are faint JUMPMAN words on the sole. The fast lacing system makes it easy to put on and take off the Jordan 11th generation. However, the weight of the entire pair of shoes is greatly reduced due to the mesh fiber used in the shoe body. It is the lightest one in the Jordan series. The only disadvantage is that it is very likely that the functionality of the entire pair of shoes will decrease due to long-term wear.
In short, the newly designed Jordan 11th generation is a "defender basketball shoe" that has never appeared in the Jordan series of basketball shoes. It is not just a classic for the Jordan series, and even the history of the development of the entire basketball shoe. Maybe we can think of this as a watershed between old and New Nike basketball shoes. If AirForceI and Jordan 1 are the ancestors of basketball shoes, then Jordan 11 is the most important milestone in the history of basketball shoes. In the 95-96 season, Jordan played a full season for the first time after his return. The Bulls won an NBA record of 72 victories in the regular season. Jordan won the title of scoring champion for the eighth time and was elected MVP of the All-Star Game again. Under the leadership of Jordan, the Bulls returned to the Finals and defeated the Western Sonics 4-2 in total. They won the NBA championship for the fourth time. Jordan was re-elected as the Finals MVP and won the season. Three MVP titles.

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