When you have been playing RuneScape for some time now

When you have been playing RuneScape for some time now


When you have been playing RuneScape for some time now, you have probably come across this item. Clue Scrolls are the main part of Treasure Trail minigame. For a variety of tasks (mainly for killing monsters around Gielinor), players may be OSRS gold rewarded with this particular piece of newspaper, which may come in one of six issues: beginner, normal, medium, hard, elite, and grasp. The more difficult Clue Scroll is, the higher requirements for completion may be. Additionally, it determines the loot pool available as a reward.

As mentioned earlier, the expression Treasure Trails identifies the minigame, which involves a usage of Clue Scrolls which you may receive, by way of instance, as a drop for killing a creature. When you've got a Clue Scroll on your inventory, you may begin a minigame at any time by launching it. You'll be shown the way your clue appears from a close distance and what's on it. There you might discover a puzzle, a map, an anagram, coordinates, or another type of advice which will inform you where you have to go.

If you figure out how to solve the riddle and access into the coded destination, then you can use your Clue Scroll again to trigger the next event. Assuming that you are in the correct place, you will receive either another hint or a reward. The more complicated the scroll level, the more elaborate tasks you'll need to complete. The amount of steps needed to finish a scroll and receive a reward also develop together with the problem of a scroll.

Many RuneScape players frequently utilize Treasure Trails as a moneymaker since rewards that come from this activity can be extremely pricey. By way of example, some of the items which can be dropped by Master Clue Scroll Casket could be marketed even for just 1 billion gold, and also the typical value which you can get from completing one Guru Clue Scroll should be around 1 million gold coins. Even easier clues have decent ratios of reward worth to the time spent on completing them. Owing to that, Clue Scrolls can be categorized as a good money making procedure in OSRS.

In the end of every Treasure Path, a player will dig out of the ground the Reward Casket. It comes at among six rarities, which correspond to the problem of the completed trail. The box which you may get can either be newcomer, easy, moderate, hard, elite, or master. Inside of the first one, you can expect from a few rewards, interior of buy RS gold the second one - from two to four. The next one provides five. Both elite and hard caskets have between six and four benefits, along with the master casket can have between five and seven.