The individual who made those ideas likely got a big bonus that year

The individual who made those ideas likely got a big bonus that year


And things like the RS gold Highscores table has made several people play so many more hours of Runescape than they otherwise would have. It was a genius (sinister) movement by the Jagex employee who proposed making different players' battle level to be coloured differently and to introduce a Highscores table, because it produced made people more aggressive (and if they played more, it created more money for Jagex) with hardly any effort/programming required on the part of Jagex. The individual who made those ideas likely got a big bonus that year.

Do not attempt to be somebody else, or imitate other people's stats. Runescape is a open game which never ends, unlike quests. In Dragon Slayer, should you conquer Elvarg, you gain the ability to wear a rune platebody or a green dragonhide body. It is not like that are the end of Runescape, with your Runescape reward being a Santa Hat. There's no reward in any way, and not a Santa Hat.

Magic: You when you have sufficient cash (~40k) purchase a water team, couple hundred earth runes and few hundred body runes. Now throw contested till level 11, subsequently weaken to level 19. Because you can cast these while safe-spotting you won't require food. If you run out of runes or get bored you can always get back to other abilities, get money and come back later. You can also throw battle spells if you want to. Because you'll need atleast 15 Smithing to make iron bars(or even 30 for steel bars; both are pretty good, depends on personal taste ) I would say train your Smithing (and Mining as you're at it) There is also a cheap way to level up magic. Get your defense up just a little bit, then purchase from the Grand Exchange: staff of air, wizard hat (blue or black, it doesn't matter), magician shirt (again either black or blue ), amulet of magical, leather chaps/gloves (for defense).

Mage the cows near Beefy Bill, which makes sure to deposit the raw beef and cowhides into your bank accounts, using Beefy Bill. If necessary, cast the free spell (you have a staff of air armed ) called end rush until you've sufficient mage level (magic level 13) to cast fire strike. Then throw fire attack the remainder of the way. A very reasonable way to level up magical level.

I believe you asked the buy osrs gold paypal exact same question twice? The following is the ideal set-up in my opinion: Full equipment: Guthan's / Proselyte / Verac's. Shield: God Book / Falador shield 2 / 3 / Rune Defender. Necklace: Fury / Stole / / Unholy Symbol / Holy Symbol. Gloves: Recipe for Disaster gloves (Barrows/Dragon) / Regen necklace / Combat bracelet. Weapon: Abyssal whip / Saradomin Sword / Godsword (Saradomin advocated ). Ring: Berserker ring / Warrior Ring / / Explorer's ring 3/4