Traveling is boring, not difficult

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Again you ignore the truth that assignment runners and haulers if having gate immunity have absolute immunity. There is no strategy to target them and that is bullshit.This is not EO. Keep that things to Null to your mobile market.And we are back to EVE Echoes ISK that tired argument. Why is it that because one factor of EO I like automatically means I need to go back to a game I no longer enjoy? Why does mobile have to mean idle and effortless simulator?I have two complaints regarding EE. Audits and how secure low/null sec is. I like everything else they have done with the game.

Your viewpoint is no more valid than mine. Regardless of what weak discussions you employ.I never go back to EO. I said go to Null. Mobile must cater to  a casual audience or it doesn't survive.Also, once probes have been in, these low-sec mission runners aren't safe.Once warp bubbles are in, those haulers are not safe if you put up far enough from the gate.Plenty of easy phone games out there. Take your pick.

Staring at your display for a lot of jumps isn't hard either. It's just boring. Each of the rad af Eve players do not seem to understand or are strawmanning the actual problem people have with the change. Traveling is boring, not difficult. What made it not dull wasn't needing to be accessible for it.Why is it so difficult to stay in secure zones and make money there? Like the EVE world is pretty big, there's plenty to do without risk and you are able to Buy EVE Mobile ISK let folks play the danger manner as well. Why does it need to be your way just, rather than both?But what is there to do in protected zones? I've been farming T6 anoms and experiences for a week or so... so now I just have to return to hi-sec and farm T1-2 experiences / anoms? That might suck.