The Air Jordan 1 Mid Release With University Gold for Black Friday Holiday

The Air Jordan 1 Mid Release With University Gold for Black Friday Holiday

Posted November 11,2020 in Sport.

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Although there is still a long way to go before Valentine's Day, New Jordan has already felt this spirit because they are the first to dress up the Air Max 90 as the common pink and red themes in the holiday. At first glance, this structure seems to imply any public reference. However, as can be seen from the perforations and the "Nike Air" logo, a small heart is placed in an appropriate place, which is more prominent on a pink or red background. The bottom pads and fenders are bright white-the same as shoelaces and soles-and the aforementioned pink is further matched near the suede back panel and lining and midsole. Red, then, at the top of the way it works, not only the Swoosh logo that attracts attention, but also the brand label of the tongue, the outer layer of which untie reveals an interesting message: "I+AM90=True love."

Although this season, the Air Jordan 1 Mid has adopted the golden sunshade many times, but it still hasn't slackened. Soon—perhaps before the new year—we will see silhouettes wearing "university gold" again. In addition, the couple also used color patches that were rarely seen. The bright yellow color is worn in the toe box, the eye stays, the ankle flap, and even the brand has passed the Swoosh and tongue tags. Adjacent, white covers the wider forefoot, with almost no obstruction as it transitions from the midplane to the toe cap. Black sees a similar use because it mainly leads the entire lace unit, as well as the lining and collar.

Last year, G-Dragon's PEACEMINUSONE x Nike Air Force 1 was unveiled in a variety of different color schemes, all of which are different. Similarly, the artist’s Para Noise 2.0 is likely to receive the same treatment as the all-red variant seen in the close-up shot of the "Big Bang" leader himself. This pair of shoes is not only adjusted on the plan, because it adds some subtle decorations, making it different from the upcoming and original version. For example, there is a small yellow swoosh logo on the top of the upper, and the thick white laces on the top are marked with the same color. Going up a bit, the petals of the daisy badge are white instead of 2.0 black. Its background is painted in a bold red, casual style, real G-Dragon style. The rest of the upper has a similar design, although its bright coat is covered with black patterns.

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