Nike Air Force 1 Low 07 White Metallic Silver to Release for Black Friday

Nike Air Force 1 Low 07 White Metallic Silver to Release for Black Friday

Posted November 11,2020 in Sport.

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The world is waiting for the second collaboration between G-Dragon and Swoosh, and Nike Air Force 1 will showcase its series in the next few months. The Nike Air Force 1 Low 07 White Metallic Silver arrangement with some texture characteristics. Similar to its most iconic color matching style, the upcoming products use a large number of plain makeup, the sole and forefoot are all "white" design; the lace Dubre on the tongue and the "NIKE AIR" brand introduce some in the match "Metallic silver" style. However, the midfoot and heel stitching uses a gray design, which provides a gradient pattern and hard shell texture for the Air Force 1 Low. The Swoosh logo on the side is different from the surrounding environment, which is conducive to smooth and clean presentation.

As 2021 approaches, various silhouettes from the beloved Air Jordan line begin to appear in the ensemble preparing for the New Year. Among them, the Air Jordan 1 Mid released both an online version and a special version. The former has a children-only couple version on the surface, which is covered with dots. Smooth "white" leather laid the foundation for the combination of green, yellow and pink, replacing the heel. However, the under-collar cushion is obsessed with a soft yellow, featuring a fabric structure with a honeycomb-like reminiscent pattern. The ankle flap cover and the panel under the side Swoosh logo use a burst of makeup, just like the sidewall logo mentioned earlier; both parts have a drip pattern, and the former extends to the midsole. The Jumpman brand on the insole and tongue uses a striking pink tone, while the outsole of the middle Jordan 1 is set off around the upper in soft yellow.

Even after Mamba Week, Nike's celebration of Kobe Bryant did not relax in the slightest. This week-it is rumored that Nike Kobe 6 Protro , as well as the 3D Lakers and Orange Country re-releases-Kobe 5 Protro brings the iconic "Bruce Lee" color of all time in its OG palette and a more neutral white /Black substitute. "Bruce Lee" consists of two parts, visually expressing the athlete's love for martial arts masters. First released in 2010, the two lead with a black and yellow design, which is a tribute to the iconic yellow jumpsuit of "Death Star". Beside, the bright red scratch on the forefoot nodded further, while the silver metal logo hit and the black Mamba signature dress along the tongue and counter respectively. "Alternate" uses a very similar implementation, but it changes black to white and applies a black polished black near the toe box and the middle panel; a small amount of yellow does appear at the heel label, and a smaller symbol The sexual details remain the same.

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