Wilderness And Free Trade

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Ever since wilderness and free trade are being talked about, what's going to OSRS gold happen to items which were originally made to replace it? Speedy history lesson... GE- was made around a month ahead of the notorious updates to replace free trade. Ancient warriors equipment- was originally made to be like statuettes, beacuse the pvp drops were soo bad back then, they left ancient warriors equipments that a luck drop too so you had a chance to get them and make money (the market at the time was extremely reduced )

Statuettes- Introduced with the brand new bounty hunter program, these statuettes gave a hope for great loots and decent cash for pkers. Estimated potential- Introduced with the brand new bounty hunter system, it gave people a feeling of their chances of good loot. Pvp worlds-Were designed to replace the old bounty hunter, initially had many worlds but afterward has been cut down to very few worlds. Hotspots- Places in which loot was'kinder' to the player.

Clan Wars- Some of the first minigames for f2p, replaced large wilderness fights for clans, use to be huge till jagex fail updated it. New Bounty Hunter- After several months of pvp, jagex made loot kinder and introduced a new means to pk. FFA arenas- Probably the most futile thing in Runescapethis upgrade came in a bundle that destroyed clan wars forever, it managed to reduce the number of people there and also make it an overall more dull encounter. Don't get me started on the dangerous arena.

Ask assist- Was created after we could not trade items to make into various ones; e.g. smithing armour for low levels, air/law/etc rune running. Capped Trading- Straight forward, will probably be rendered useless when the upgrades do go ahead. Gravestones- Were created so people couldnt trade from deaths, and let people regain things. DA tournaments- Was made to bring back staking, fails poorly even after the updates. Revenants- Created to replace pkers, people complained because they had been too powerful, but they are pathetic. Too strong in f2p though. Proof that Jagex does remove content...

Old Bounty Hunter- Was one of the first new procedures of pking, a crater appeared from out of distance and happened to crush all the wildy, older pking areas like the major bone, and small bone yard were destroyed; # in your post if you read this way. Pvp worlds- They have decreased pvp worlds over time to just around two. DA tournaments- The older one was removed, but replaced with a few shizzlety crap, which likewise fails just as much. Matters that got nullified after the upgrades. Player owned stores - Shop segments of forums, companies use to thrive money making for a lot of individuals.

Duel Arena- Formerly a way for folks to Old School RuneScape Gold bet and win big or lose big. Trading- Self explanitory. Merchanting- Use to exist, pretty much self explanitory. Still possible only crap now. Trading hotspots- Varrock, Falador, all of the first five worlds were constantly packed in regions for dealers, distinct areas different products.